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We’re looking for motivated individuals to join our traveling harvest crew. Learn more about what to expect and apply below.

A Family Business

We're a family-run harvesting business of 30+ years we work along-side our hired crew.

Drug Testing

Having a positive drug test result for illicit drugs before or after employment will result in immediate dismissal.

Driving Record

A clear driving record is required for you to be employed and added to our insurance policy.


Every crew member must have a Commercial Drivers License. Don't have one? We can help you get a CDL.

What You Should Know Before Applying

Every crew member at Neumiller Harvesting must have a CDL. If a potential employee does not have a CDL, Neumiller Harvesting can help you get one. We will allow you come early before harvesting starts to study and practice for your CDL tests. You may use our trucks to practice. After you pass your CDL written and driving tests we can find work for you until we leave on the harvest run. It’s your choice.

We have ten combines, four grain carts, and sixteen semis in the field. Most of the time the Neumiller boys will run four of these combines. The remaining combines, carts, and semis will be ran by the hired crew. Roger, Mychal, Cole, or Logan Neumiller will determine which crew members will be driving which combine, cart, or semi. The crew member doing the best job in an area of work and/or who treats the equipment and vehicles with the greatest respect get to operate the vehicle of his choice. If a crew member wishes to drive a particular vehicle we will try to honor this, but it cannot always be accommodated.

We have Kenworth, Peterbilt, and Freightliner semi-trucks. We have anywhere from 1996 to newer trucks. For the most part the trucks have 13 speeds with at least 440 hp up to 550 hp. The grain trailers are all AG Hoppers and are 2010 or newer. When we move from site to site some crew members will be pulling a combine with a grain trailer behind it.

Everyone will help get equipment cleaned off and loaded and campers ready to go. We move about every 10 days. Crew members will be either pulling combines with grain trailers behind, pulling tractor and grain cart, pulling camper, or pulling headers.

We have a 32 and 34 foot refer semi trailers converted into living quarters. A 48 foot and 54 foot camper. Every camper will have a microwave, television, washer, dryer, and fridge in it. Your sleeping area and camper commons area will need to be kept clean. Clothes and bedding are to be washed weekly for sanitary reasons.

In order for us to hire you we need to make sure your driving record is clear. Our insurance company will look up your driving record to determine employability before they will put them on the Neumiller Harvesting insurance policy. A clear driving record is required for such action and thus also for employment. ​

Before employment a potential employee will be required to take a drug test.  The test will be paid for by Neumiller Harvesting. If applicant is employed they must be willing to submit to periodical drug testing during employment. Having a positive drug test result for drugs after employment is grounds for dismissal.

If you would like to use your phone when driving you must have a hands free device. Absolutely no texting or using your phone while driving equipment.

Misuse of alcohol is also extremely discouraged. Driving a Neumiller Harvesting company vehicle with any amount of alcohol in ones system is grounds for immediate dismissal.

Neumiller Harvesting pay cut is the 1st and 15th of every month. We are on a back pay paying system, meaning we hold the first pay check and you will be getting paid the prior pay period every pay day. You will get that back pay check when you have fulfilled the full season discussed when being hired. If you have any questions on the pay system feel free to ask any of us and we will help you understand more clearly.

We want to make this an experience that everyone will remember for the right reasons. Let’s have a fun and safe harvest season. If you have any additional questions feel free to CONTACT US!

Packing List

We don’t have a lot of room on the harvest run so we try and eliminate unnecessary things. Here is an idea of what to pack:

If you have any questions please call and we will be happy to help!

Apply Here

Please be as complete as possible in your answers; although not all fields are mandatory more detailed applications are favored. If you would like to apply by mail CLICK HERE to download and send your application to MAILING ADDRESS.

By clicking the ‘SUBMIT’ button you certify that all the answers provided are true and complete to the best of your knowledge.

Once hired please review our employee handbook.